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MDU Croslin Room Computer: How to reach Web Page for Computer Availability

This article details the link to reach Computer Availability web page, where to easily access link, and how to save future links.This is the new web page link for the Croslin Room Display for Computer Availability. This was in preparation for the CNAME change happening on 8/14/2017

  1. Use FireFox ONLY. Do not use Chrome or variant versions of Explorer.
  2. Enter the link into the address bar.
  3. Once open you will be prompted by this message
  4. Press F11 on the keyboard to enter full screen mode and then press OK
  5. This should appear after pressing OK and entering full Screen Mode. If picture changes, then the page is working correctly
  6. Move mouse to either far right or left and leave be.

  1. To save the link for easy access, simply drag the tab into the home Icon as shown below.

  2. Then when prompted, click Yes.

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